隱私條款 Privacy Policy

Data protection is a matter of trust and your privacy is important to us.You can visit the Site and browse without having to provide personal details. During your visit to the Site you remain anonymous and at no time can we identify you unless you have an account on the Site and log on with your user name and password.

Collection of Personal Information
MM does not sell, share or trade customers personal information collected online with third parties.

Personal information collected online will only be disclosed within our corporate group

When you create a MM account the personal information we collect may include your:

  - Name
  - Delivery Address
  - Email Address
  - Contact Number
  - Date of Birth

The personal information we collect from you will be used in some or all of the following ways:

  - To deliver the products you have purchased from MM
  - To update you on the delivery of the product and for customer support purposes
  - To provide you with relevant product information
  - To process your orders and to provide you with the services and information offered through our website and which you request
  - Further, we will use the information you provide to administer your account with us; verify and carry out financial transactions in relation to payments you make online; audit the downloading of data from our website; improve the layout and/or content of the pages of our website and customise them for users; identify visitors on our website; carry out research on our users’ demographics; send you information we think you may find useful or which you have requested from us, including information about our products and services, provided you have indicated that you have not objected to being contacted for these purposes

We may pass your name and address on to a third party in order to make delivery of the product to you (for example to our courier or supplier).

When you register as a user on MM website, we will also use your personal information to send you marketing and/or promotional materials from time to time.

Your actual order details may be stored with us but for security reasons cannot be retrieved directly by us. However, you may access this information by logging into your account on the Site. Here you can view the details of your orders that have been completed, those which are open and those which are shortly to be dispatched and administer your address details, bank details and any newsletter to which you may have subscribed. You undertake to treat the personal access data confidentially and not make it available to unauthorised third parties. We cannot assume any liability for misuse of passwords unless this misuse is our fault.

Security of Your Personal Information
MM ensures that all information collected will be safely and securely stored. We protect your personal information by:
  - Restricting access to personal information
  - Maintaining technology products to prevent unauthorised computer access

Disclosure of Personal Information
We will not share your information with any other organisations other than those third parties directly related to the delivery of the products you have purchased from MM website. In exceptional circumstances MH may be required to disclose personal information, such as when there are grounds to believe that the disclosure is necessary to prevent a threat to life or health, or for law enforcement purposes. MM is committed to complying with the Privacy Act and the National Privacy principles.

We may however use your contact information to send newsletters from us.

Collection of Computer Data
When you visit MM, our company servers will automatically record information that your browser sends whenever you visit a website. This data may include:
  - Your computer’s IP address
  - The pages with in MM you visit
  - The time spent on those pages, items and information searched for on our site, access times and dates, and other statistics.

This information is collected for analysis and evaluation in order to help us improve our site and the services and products we provide. This data will not be used in association with any other personal information.

Changes to the Privacy Policy
MM reserves the right to modify and change the Privacy Statement at any time. Any changes to this policy will be published on our site.


我們十分重視客戶的隱私。您可以在不提供個人資料的情況下瀏覽MM網站。在沒有登入用戶帳號瀏覽我們的網站時, 您將會以匿名身份瀏覽, 而我們無法辦出您的身份。

因此, 我們只會根據本隱私聲明擬 定之方式收集及使用您的個人資料。

1) 在有必要或與交易有關時向您收集資料。

2) 在法例要求或與收集用途有關時才會保留您的資料。


MM 不會向第三方出售、分享或買賣網上收集的客戶個人資料。網上收集的個人資料僅於本公司集團內披露以供內部使用。建立帳戶時, 我們將向您收集的基本個人資料包含:

– 姓名









-處理您的訂單, 或根據您的要求或透過我們網站提供服務和資訊

此外, 我們也會使用您所提供的資料管理您的帳戶; 驗證及進行您的網上付款有關交易; 審查從我們網站下載的資料; 辨識網站瀏覽器; 做網站用戶統計進行調查; 在您表明不拒絕接收訊息的情況下, 發送我們認為適合您的相關商品或服務資訊。

我們可能會將您的姓名和地址交給第三者 (例如速遞公司或供應商), 以方便送貨。

我們可能會保留您的訂單資料, 但基於保安理由, 我們不能直接檢索該資料。您可以登入帳戶, 存取訂單資料, 查詢個人訂單資料。您也可以管理個人地址、銀行資料和已訂閱的電子報。您有責任確保個人資料保密, 並不會讓未授權的第三方得到這些資料。我們不會承擔任何不當使用密碼的責任。


MM 確保會安全和保密地保存所有收集到的資料。我們會以下列方式保護您的個人資料:


-當資料沒有保留作記綠的用途, 我們會在安全情況下銷毀您的個人資料


除了提供MM網站送貨服務的相關公司及相關第三方以外, 我們不會將您的個人資料分享給其他機構。

在特殊情況下, MM可能會被要求披露個人資料, 例如: 在有理由相信的情況下披露個人資料有助阻止生命或健康受到威脅, 或作執法用途。


當您瀏覽MM網站時, 本公司的伺服器會自動記錄您的瀏覽器所傳送的資料。資料包括:

– 您的電腦IP地址
– 在MM網站內瀏覽的頁面
– 於上述頁面的使用時間、於我們網站搜尋的產品及資料、存取時間及日期, 以及其他統計數據。

收集所得的資料會用作分析和評估, 從而幫助改善本網站及我們提供的服務和產品。這些資料不會與其他個人資料一同使用。




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